Katie & Matt | Spring Valley Wedding

June 26, 2016

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When I first talked with Katie and her mom, they were completely open about their wedding planning struggles and being slightly frazzled with it all. Katie had just moved away to join Matt at a job in their new town and was trying to plan their big day from afar and Matt’s sole focus was getting on their feet in this new place, both very much consumed with the preparation of what matters most — beginning their life together. I realized this was reality; this was them. In the midst of the chaos that seems unavoidable in this life and the beauty and excitement new love brings… this was them.¬†I treasured the time that Katie so willingly allowed me a glimpse into their lives to help her orchestrate their special day and the ins and outs as it all came together. Though I shared time with both of them, the very first time I was actually able to see Matt and Katie together was their first look on their wedding day, and wow, was that incredible. I noticed foremost that Katie and Matt spent the entire day hand in hand, staying close at the other’s side and finding pure joy in seeing and sharing in all of these precious little moments through each others eyes.¬†These two are so full of adoring love.

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Venue: Windy Ridge Farm, LLC

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