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Megan and I met three years ago and the rest is quite literally history. I don’t share it often enough but I shoot for Megan’s blog, Lush to Blush. She is a style and travel blogger based in Atlanta and she finds herself, more often than not, jetting off to travel all over the world. For a while, she moved five minutes down the road and we met up several times a week but this past year, she moved back to Atlanta and between my jobs in the Atlanta area all along and her giving me excuses to come visit, we’ve managed to still find the time to maintain the relationship. She might look familiar because she also models for me on occasion! This girl spends half her time keeping me straight and the other half adding fuel to the fire. She’s an adventurer, can’t sit still for long, and has such a love for life that you don’t often find. 

Rooted in Friendship | Grayton Beach

“There is a tenderness about motherhood. I think it begins to occur when a mother realizes the boundless depths of her love for this little one; this tiny, innocent being that she calls her own — a part of her. With that tenderness, comes an underlying sense of peace and calm. That alone is beautiful, but to experience those emotions and make them tangible memories for a mother and child or a family is an honor. 

Working with Zhenia and Zhenya was an immense pleasure and an incredibly freeing creative outlet for all involved. Both ladies are uniquely talented with an eye for curating and styling. Throughout the process, I enjoyed creating with them, while also often taking a step back to watch as they bustled about utilizing and sorting through textures and tones until they were ecstatic with each aspect of the session. When it came time to bring it all together, I watched years of upbringing, investment, relationship, joy and love play out from mother to child in only an afternoon. Not only was that love undeniably present between families but also between Zhenia and Zhenya. Though these ladies aren’t actually related, they share such a special bond rooted in years of friendship. They also don’t hesitate to share that warm, welcoming love with others. I couldn’t have felt more a part as they invited me into this afternoon picnic.”  Courtney, Photographer

As seen on The Fount Collective

Styling and Design | Zhenia Rac of Studio Petali and Zhenya Royter of By Bow Event Design