Catherine & Chuck | St. Augustine Inspired Engagement

I am a firm believer in your engagement session truly encapsulating the two of you as a couple, whether it’s a special location, a unique hobby, what you enjoy doing together on the weekend… I always encourage my couples to desire more than just a pretty location. When I sat down with Catherine and Chuck one afternoon to begin planning their engagement session I ask Catherine all of the questions that required her to dig deeper into their relationship. When the ‘hobby’ topic came up, she giggled and said, “he likes to drink whiskey and I like to drink wine.” When ask what they like to do on the weekends, she answered with the same. If you could only see the smiles that come across the faces of each bride and groom when I ask how they met and got engaged. It was no different for Catherine and Chuck with grins from ear to ear as they told me of how they got engaged in St. Augustine and even brought back wine and whiskey from their engagement trip. And though they wanted to stay local for their session, I knew I could take each piece of this story and bring it to life for them all over again. These two share the sweetest, down-to-earth kind of love and I can’t wait for their Fall wedding later this year.

Lush to Blush | Atlanta Style & Travel Blogger

Megan and I met three years ago and the rest is quite literally history. I don’t share it often enough but I shoot for Megan’s blog, Lush to Blush. She is a style and travel blogger based in Atlanta and she finds herself, more often than not, jetting off to travel all over the world. For a while, she moved five minutes down the road and we met up several times a week but this past year, she moved back to Atlanta and between my jobs in the Atlanta area all along and her giving me excuses to come visit, we’ve managed to still find the time to maintain the relationship. She might look familiar because she also models for me on occasion! This girl spends half her time keeping me straight and the other half adding fuel to the fire. She’s an adventurer, can’t sit still for long, and has such a love for life that you don’t often find.